Belly Fat Reduction – Essential Part Of Fitness

belly fatAre you among the ones with a bloated belly? So, how serious are you about flattening your belly? If you are not bothered and when you come to know about the adverse effects of belly fat you will get serious to reduce it immediately. This article exposes how belly fat adversely affects the overall fitness level as well as some ideas on how to get rid of it.

Why it is essential to reduce belly fat?

According to the recent survey, the average American is having almost 30 billion fat cells. Of these, the most dangerous visceral fat cells are mainly stored in the belly. Perhaps, this is the reason why abdominal fat is blamed for a myriad of physical, mental, and social problems. With respect to physical and mental health problems, belly fat can lead to some grave disorders such as stroke, heart attack, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea, gall bladder stones, cancer, dementia (impaired mental function), and even permanent infertility in women. This is because belly fat is located in the close proximity of your liver, kidneys, pancreas, gall bladder, and heart and can easily disturb their daily function.With so many dysfunctions possible, one may face a low mental ability as well physical fitness level.

Furthermore, belly fat can also bring aboutweak ab muscles unlike a flat belly that is attributed with a solid midsection.According to a Canadian study, people with weak ab muscles are at a risk of a higher death rate that is almost double than those with the strong midsection. Itis vital to know that powerful ab muscles are also essential for curbing injuries. So, weak muscles are more susceptible to injuries and can significantly reduce your fitness level. This is not good for anybody, whether she or he is in sports or a working individual. As a matter of fact, your ab muscles play a great role in fitness of your body. But due to belly fat, your muscles become weaker and weaker, which is enough to reduce your physical fitness level. Perhaps, this is why flat belly is the hallmark of fit people!

How to reduce belly fat?

First, start to live an active life by exercising. This does not mean that you have to join a gym. You can consider some aerobic exercises such as brisk walking, jogging, cycling, and even dancing, which you can do at anytime.You can start by covering 2-3 kms a day with a medium walking, jogging, or cycling and then increase the distance as well as speed gradually. Studies have proved that aerobic exercises are capable of eliminating visceral as well as liver fat drastically. As compared to weight lifting, these exercises are better at enhancing the fasting insulin resistance as well as reducing the levels of fasting triglycerides and liver enzymes. Well, all these are the risk factors of heart related ailments.

Next, pay attention to your diet. Stop eating oily or any other fatty items, include more protein-rich foods such as legumes and cereals, and reduce the intake of high carb foods so that your body can burn more fat deposits. Further, avoid skipping meals, have small portions at a time, and drink lots of water for improving metabolism and burning fat.

Well, the perfect strategy to reduce belly fat for remaining fit is to combine exercises and fat loss diet.